Functional Software Size Measurement Methodology with Effort Estimation and Performance Indication

About the FSSM

Timely completion of software projects by means of realistic effort estimation through complete and comprehensive software size measurement:

Many software application development projects exceed their budgeted time limits because of incorrect effort estimation which is based on inaccurate software size measurement since the methodologies available till now for software size measurement need significant improvements.

Now a new, effective functional software size measurement methodology presented in the book "Functional Software Size Measurement Methodology with Effort Estimation and Performance Indication (FSSM)" recently published by Wiley/IEEE Computer Society Press offers a complete procedure that overcomes the deficiencies of the current methodologies, allowing businesses to measure the size of software and to estimate the required effort correctly for all their software application development projects developed in high level languages.

The Functional Software Size Measurement Methodology with Effort Estimation and Performance Indication (FSSM) allows for projects to be completed within the defined budget limits by obtaining realistic effort estimations through complete, accurate software size measurement.

The methodology provides comprehensive and precise measurements of the complete software whereby factual software size determination, development effort estimation and performance indications are obtained. The approach is elaborate, effective and accurate for software size measurement and development effort estimation, avoiding inaccurate project planning of software projects.

Effort estimation is an integrated part of the FSSM. Hence, there is no need to consult the historic statistical data about the already executed past software projects in order to find out suitable multiplication factors to calculate the effort estimation based on the type, domain and nature of the projects.

The book pinpoints one of the major, originating root causes of erroneous planning by disclosing the hidden errors that are made in the software size measurement, and consequently in the effort estimates and project planning.

The FSSM usage will help the software project management tremendously. Courses for learning the FSSM are available.


Unique Key Features of the FSSM

  • Comprehensive coverage and completeness
  • Effort estimation an integral part 
  • Performance indication of the software
  • Software diagnostics 
  • Detection of deficiencies in the functional requirements specifications 
  • Simple mathematical calculations
  • Significant advantages over other existing software size measurement methodologies 



Note: Almost all the contents of most of the pages of this website ( are slightly adapted version of extracts from the book "Functional Software Size Measurement with Effort Estimation and Performance Indication" (published by Wiley/IEEE Computer Society Press, 2017, author Jasveer Singh) which is under copyright protection by Wiley/IEEE Computer Society Press. The extracts are reproduced on this website by the permission of Wiley (